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Retail Promotion


Better dealer deals

Lennox asked us to help give their in-store, dealer-swag promotions a boost. We set out to spice them up with a bit more personality as well as improve their in-store collateral plan and identify more interesting dealer engagement points. 

poster design
promotional brochure flyer design

Since the initial ask, we’ve helped Lennox improve their promo recognition and participation through more memorable and engaging messaging, more targeted giveaways and creating variations on the in-store materials used with each new promotion.

Lennox saw dealer engagement, participation and average order volume numbers increase immediately with improvements ranging from 12% to 17%. Even at the heart of the retail constrictions that occurred due to COVID-19, the promotions outperformed overall store sales targets by 7%-9%. 

retail promotion poster design
retail promotion design poster
retail promotion design poster
retail promotion design poster
retail promotion design poster

Along with an overall “upgrade” to the promo, we worked with Lennox to created new point of sale pieces designed to better fit their store model, took advantage of existing in-store fixtures and leveraged co-marketing opportunities when possible. 

point of purchase collateral design
promotional floor decal design
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