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(Re)build it and they will come.

Samsung's reseller asset portal had been online for a while and was underused, and sparsely populated with less than 10% of their more than 7000 dealer groups signing up for reseller access. They asked us to explore some possibilities for expanding the capabilities, reach and user retention of the internal asset site. 

Dealer Portal Before
JSDesigns Samsung Dealer Portal Web Design
Social Media Kits
Interactive FAQ AI
Samsung News Hub
Promotional Calendar
News and Media Page Design
Page Design - Product Collateral

Our strategy was to turn the current "document bin" into a full-fledged reseller community. The new sitemap included not only a greatly expanded and reimagined asset bank, but new features including:

Retail Marketing Tools and Support

Social Media Marketing Tools

News HUB and Media Room

Reseller Forum and FAQ

Beatrice – Interactive Q&A Persona

As a part of the same reseller support effort, we developed a modular retail display system that would be available through the new portal. The purpose of this new system was to bring more retailers to the table at a variety of spend and install levels. It was designed to work in multiple applications, flex to accommodate single or multiple SKUs, and be easily updatable and upgradable with little or no support – giving it exceptional shelf life. 

Modular Retail Display Design
Product Display Design
Retail Display
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