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Retail Marketing

Got no strings...

To create a retail presence that illustrated the concept behind the Gear IconX – Samsung's first truly wireless audio product for the fitness user. In a category new to the smaller retail space, it was necessary to create a demo display that quickly and obviously conveyed the IconX's total lack of wires or cables, while using minimal support content to educate the customer on its key feature.  

Samsung Retail Design Point of Purchase Display

To achieve this, we created a cost-effective demo display that gave the customer the opportunity to touch & feel the actual product while showing how it's used – in the most literal sense. A second set of dummy earbuds were attached to a life-sized, acrylic backer displaying the sweating image of an athlete. To push the concept home even more, we bisected the image of the athlete and opposed his left half with a transparent silhouette – conceptually amplifying the truly wireless nature of the IconX. 

Samsung Custom Retail Pallet Design

The primary demo display was then applied to a number of integrated retail concepts including in-line spaces, endcap demo shelves and pallet designs for club stores interested in merchandising the Gear IconX.

Gear IconX

Meet your new workout partner.

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