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Not for Profit

Help spread the love.

Lennox' non-profit, Feel The Love, and their partner Dealers have installed more than 1,000 high-efficiency furnaces for free and contributed more than 4 million dollars in support of local communities. Feel The Love drives home the importance of community-based efforts and provides a clear message that  the foundation of Hometown USA is truly Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

With increasing participation nation-wide, Lennox Dealers needed an updated and cohesive guide that covered, step-by-step, how to participate in Feel The Love.

Dealer Guide Digital Design

The final Dealer Guide is a 29 page interactive PDF that the dealers can download and print as needed. Features included media tool kits, sample press releases, social media instructions, and customizable print collateral.

Feel the Love Dealer Guide Intro
Lennox Member Tools
Dealer Guide Downloadable Resources
Feel the Love Program Overview

In support of the new Feel The Love Dealer Guide, we created customizable collateral for participating Dealers, including a flyer, poster and postcard.

Marketing Poster Design
Feel the Love logo Icon
Postcard Backside Design
Flyer Design
Postcard Design
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