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Brand Design


Create a hip-stir.

In an effort to compete with other local arts district areas in the DFW area, the Historic Downtown Plano Association (HDPA) asked us to explore some branding options for the downtown shopping area. 

logo design
brand iconography design
outdoor signage design for plano brand campaign concept

Historically an event-oriented zone within the metro area, the HDPA's goal was to create an image that would brand the area as more of an any-time destination with more to offer – great food, authentic atmosphere, and a unique shopping experience – despite its smaller size.

After researching other area arts districts and talking with event goers and local business owners, we set out to create a brand that would interweave the rustic, historic roots of the downtown area with its more recent artistic presence.  

t-shirt deisgn and custom typography font design
branded merchandise design

Combining a vibrant and fun identity and color palette with an authentic "old town" feel, we set out to create elements that would enhance the historic aspects of the area while attracting a younger, more trendy audience. From event posters and community calendars to signage concepts and space planning, we worked with the city to create a unique personality for the downtown area.   


As a part of the new brand effort, we also helped to manage and improve the HDPA social media presence at #visitdowntownplano – training their staff on the importance of not only the content, but scheduling appropriately, and staying more engaged themselves. Our 12-month involvement helped them generate substantial increases in community engagement and followership.



• 25% organic increase in followers

• 30% increase in impressions

• 40% Increase in non-Plano-resident followers


• Increased responsiveness from 25% to 100%

• Average post reach up 35% 

• Engagement post average up 40% 

• Average page views up 30% 

poster design
outdoor banner design
outdoor signage design
street banner design
poster design
outdoor signage design
downtown plano logo design concept
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