Go beyond.

Global electronics distributor TTI, Inc was in need of a concept and graphic look for their 2018 Sales Leadership Conference, a 4-day long Year-in-Review and Strategy session for their U.S. sales force and executive group. They wanted to take this year's conference identity beyond previous "Go-Team"-style themes and do something that brought the energy of past and present successes into focus – and projected them onto the company's bright future. 

After exploring several concepts that merged past, present and future, TTI selected a theme that centered on the TTI world of tomorrow. This core idea, with visual exploration based on mid-20th century retro science fiction, exploring growing and future business sectors such as robotics, automated farming, and hybrid-electric transportation. The tagline for the event became "Tomorrow and Beyond." 

Signage and collateral leveraged the "...and Beyond" concept. Along with presentation graphics and stage signage, we developed a 20-ft museum wall displaying a custom TTI timeline. The graphic followed TTI's history from its inception in 1970 through today, and beyond – projecting future TTI successes and component-related technology advancements into the mid-21st century.  

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