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Uncomplicating things.

SOLOSHOT was moving fast toward the launch of their revolutionary auto-tracking robotic camera and needed a few things – most notably in-box collateral and How To guides that wouldn't intimidate or confuse new user. Being the first of its kind, the SOLOSHOT camera and tracking modules involved processes unlike any other products on the market, and conveying these concepts in a simple and easy to follow way was eluding their marketing and technical teams. 

product how to
product collateral design
user guide design

We mapped the processes, wrote user-friendly content for, and assembled a series of branded user manuals based on SOLOSHOT's technical data, our own live user experiences, and improvements still being made to integrated software interface as we worked. 

usewr guide instruction manual design

The resulting pieces, though lengthy, put the complicated instructions in a logical and easy to absorb order and used language and imagery that helped avoid overwhelming new users and prospective customers.  

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