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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

“I like to enjoy good music. I like Michael Jackson; I don't care who wrote the songs.” – Mac Miller

Sweet Home Alabama, playing in a CD player my sisters and I found on a trip to Galveston, TX, was the first time I experienced a different genre of music that was out of the norm. I remember being fascinated with the intro. Starting with a catchy guitar chord in the beginning and quickly followed by the sound of drums. I thought it was the greatest song ever made. Little did I know that was only the start to a journey of discovery.

A couple of years later, my parents bought me my first album. It was Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park and the moment “Papercut” played I was instantly hooked. The screaming, the fast-paced sound and the rapping in the album balanced itself beautifully. “This, this is masterpiece” I thought and till this day I feel the same! As I aged, my musical perception grew and I became to enjoy music from artist in the likes of; blink-182, HIM, Killswitch Engage, Bullet for my Valentine, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Billy Idol, Tom Petty, Metallica, Amy Whinehouse, Jackson 5, Ludwig van Beethoven, Mac Miller, The Weeknd and Kid Cudi to name a few…well that was more than a “few” artist I listed but you get the gist… music is awesome.

As a graphic designer who often struggles to be creative, playing music helps when creating art. I either turn up a tune to help me relax before or during a project or I make it part of my design process. If I use it as a process for design, I usually start with something slow and calm with the volume low while I do some research. Then, once an idea is there, I turn up the volume and change the music to something more exiting and uplifting. While in quarantine I use it as a way to block out the new sounds that have been introduced to my work life. It’s perfect for muffling out, “stop killing me friends!!” the rage screams I hear coming from my son when he is losing in a game or blocking out the “singing” coming from my girlfriend.

Music has had an enormous impact on my life. Its got me through tough times in the past and continues to help me in the present - and I know for a fact it’s going to continue to be a remedy for any obstacles I may face in the future. So, whether you secretly love Señorita or Eye of the Tiger, put those headphones on, raise the volume on your favorite tune and really listen to it, you might hear something you missed the first time around.

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