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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Written from bed, in my underwear, while eating my second bag of chips for the day.

Sometimes life sends you a curve ball…

Sometimes it drops you at the 150 on a busy driving range.

Our answer? Launch our long-sidelined JSD Blog. Nothing like a little conversation to take your mind off things.

This being the opening post of said blog, and given the... well, times that are upon us... I feel obligated to talk about where we are today – as a small creative business, and as a team of professional friends working toward something bigger.

First, I’ll say that my team continues to surprise me with their creativity, support and dedication to our cause (cause we’re gonna be YUGE ). That part of the plan hasn’t changed, it’s the how-we-get-there-from-here part that we’ve had to take a look at.

For now, like most businesses with a viable digital footprint, we’ve gone remote… daily conference calls, screen sharing for creative pow-wows, and wearing out our Slack account. Our file server has a new home, and we’ve set up wide-band cloud access to give everybody the same working freedom as before, if not a bit slower.

Basically, with a few key changes to our model, it’s been business as usual – minus the smells of lunchtime leftovers or our 420-friendly neighbor.

Our work and our team are both weathering this storm well. (I expected nothing less.) We entered it prepared, we’ve stayed positive and busy, and no one has gone Britney Spears on us yet. #winning, right? A little cabin fever I’m sure… a little anxiety about when it’ll be safe to go outside again… but that’s to be expected – you know, normal.

Ah, but normal is quickly becoming a relative term...

Our routines are different. Our habits are changing. Our go-to's in a world of limited options are being replaced… So, I expect the old normal may very well be gone for good – to be replaced by something new… something in between.

It's a strange thing to contemplate, but it seems to be where we are. I say forge ahead, roll with the punches and make chicken salad!

Stay tuned as we all head toward the new normal. We'll be making regular stops – dropping our brand of knowledge and fun for anyone who's listening.

In the meantime, we'll be designing, writing, and adapting for our customers.

Stay safe everybody.

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