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12 Ways to Make Sure your Packaging Passes the 10 | 5 | 1 Test. #downloadable

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

As one of our specialties, package design holds a special place in our big gooey designer hearts.

I know, I know… after spending so many late nights doing form factor origami, obsessing from across the room over competitive first impressions, and applying black-hole level pressures to novel-length product briefs… you’d think it would frustrate the hell out of us.

For me, it’s exactly the opposite. The X-acto injury riddled process of delivering a successful product story on a few small cardboard panels is one of my favorites.

I often liken designing a great package to designing a great logo. Let me explain…

The goal of a great logo is to start friendships for your brand; draw your prospect in, give them a taste of your company culture, and connect with them – all in a single, (ideally) magical half-dollar-size symbol.

The recipe for a great package design it much the same – the distillation of many complex things into a few glimmering gems that accomplish the same goal.

A package designer typically has a complicated, sometimes lengthy story to tell in an excruciatingly limited space – and he has mere seconds to do it. To make matters worse, unless you're designing for one of the big brands who get their own dedicated space in the retail environment, your design has to do its job while surrounded by other packages – all screaming similar messages.

…I’m going on, aren’t I? I told you we like this stuff.

Ok, let me get to the goods: How to tell if your packaging measures up.

Click here or on the image above to download our 10 | 5 | 1 Formula infographic. It includes a bit of JSD insight on how you can anticipate the customers needs, and some things to consider when developing your own packaging plan. Give us a call – we love talking package design! ...and we'd love to help you create a packaging and retail plan that goes the distance.

The JSD 10-5-1 Formula
Download PDF • 430KB

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