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A Throwback Holiday

Phew. What a doozie. See ya 2020, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Rather than reflect on this year’s holiday craze, we thought we’d visit a simpler time….. December 2019. A time when we gathered together as a family team, to memorialize ourselves for all of eternity with a Holiday card. But not just any Holiday card – no, this one takes us back to the glory years of 80s family photography.

One thing you should know about Holiday-time at JSD, is that we do it up big. This is 99.9% due to our kick-ass Project Manager, Katie. She single-handedly coordinates Holiday-themed Family Feud games, ornament contests, scavenger hunts to find holiday scratch offs, or as our resident Aussie calls them “scratchies,” secret santa and homemade treats.

You get the idea, and YES, our Holiday parties are better than your Holiday parties.

Just like our parties, we take our yearly cards pretty seriously too. I honestly don’t remember who came up with the concept for this year’s card (which is a testament to our creative process, I think.) What I do remember is that we all believed, to the bottom of our soul, that we’d never top it. We all knew it – we’d reached the pinnacle of our design careers.

Ok, so not really, but we all still get a kick out of the final result.

In fact, each of us has a print out of the card at our desk.


This photo was our inspiration. Take it all in, there's a lot going on.

We didn’t need to do much to achieve this look. Jeff ordered some Bob Ross glasses and a rockin’ dickey from Amazon, and then proceeded to grow out his beard. I shopped for a few select Holiday frocks at my fav store, Thrift World. (How awesome are Katie’s overalls?!) And we raided Katie’s mom’s epic and vast Holiday jewelry collection.

Gotta get that bling - Ho Ho Ho.


In between client calls, and project edits, we slathered on more makeup than I wear in a month, back-combed our hair like there was no tomorrow, and laughed until our sides hurt.

Jeff worked his Photoshop magic, and we had our crowning glory. Katie put her best snarky writing skills to work, and created a “family newsletter.” (If you’re really invested, you can read the letter here.) And a cheesy, ca. 1985 card design was created.*

*Cue me freaking out. Did the card look too good? Would our clients actually know this was a joke? What if they thought we actually liked the design?!

Don’t worry guys, everyone knew it was a joke!

To those of you who were lucky enough to receive one of these beauties in the mail, you’re welcome. To those of you who missed out, you’ll have to make do with a virtual facsimile.

Happy Holidays Y’all!

Enjoy a few behind-the-scenes goodies!

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