Reach a new audience.

Oak Cliff Christian Church, finding itself with an aging congregation needed some ideas on how to reach younger, more progressive church goers. Conversations ensued and we decided that a multi-day social event that invited and introduced newcomers to OCCC and what their church had to offer was the right direction. 

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A traditional marketing campaign with an edgy, modern feel was created. It directed prospects to a microsite that promoted the event, the church and becoming a part of the next phase of OCCC. It would kick off on Friday with a concert by national Christian artist Andra Moran. Saturday consisted of adult and children's activities, study groups and more music. The event culminated in a casual Sunday service and social gathering where the church elders, long-time members could formally welcome newcomers. 

More than 300 people attended the event, leading to an expansion in membership and the creation of a more progressive Sunday afternoon service, including more music, and a more social atmosphere.  

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