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The Pursuit of Perfect Air.


Though loved by the dealers and technicians who used it, Lennox' Healthy Climate line of high-efficiency indoor air quality products and equipment  hadn't established the broad base they had hoped. After some research and discussion, it was found that Lennox' primary customer, their in-store dealer-customer, didn't fully understand the scope and benefits of the line. 

We worked withe Lennox to develop a high-impact, high-information retail space that delivered that story at the point of purchase. Placing the products in the context of an HVAC customer home, allowed us to convey the end-to-end offerings, benefits, and applications of the Healthy Climate lineup.  


In order to accommodate future products and product specifications, magnetic product cards were created for application call-outs over the custom illustrated display backer – each card going into detail on one aspect or part involved in the overall Healthy Climate ecosystem.

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